We want to reach hearts
& stay for a long time

About Us

AztlanLab is a mobile gaming company founded in Winston Salem, NC by Gerardo Arizmendi and Lilia Martinez. We seek to create games that are entertaining, visually appealing, and that leave a mark on each user.

Our mission
We want minorities living in the United States to be more interested in developing and creating games, whether by playing them or working with us to create them. Despite having little experience in the video game industry, in two years we have successfully launched two Applications and two video games in production. We are passionate, talented and eager to make a difference.

Our inspirations are Supercell, Rovio and Zeptolab. We believe they are the type of companies that we aspire to become very soon. Companies that make a difference and are truly committed to their employees and above all, to their public.

Gerardo Arizmendi

Game Designer

Lilia Martinez

Digital Artist

Miguel Gonzalez

Unity Developer

Live Games